Product Benefits:

  • Respectful of the pH & flora balance of the vagina
  • Comfortable, convenient & easy to use
  • So soft and flexible – can’t be felt while worn
  • Total protection, even on your heaviest day
  • Experience complete leak free period!
  • Suitable for women of all ages, sizes and lifestyles.
  • Reusable, ecological and economical

User Benefits

  • Healthier alternative to sanitary pads and tampons
  • Protect your intimate balance and avoid dryness
  • 12-hour protection & can be worn overnight
  • Can be worn during all types of physical activities
  • No more odors – feel fresh all day
  • No more frequent tampon changes
  • Discreet, no strings, no padding, wear what you want

Size Small - For woman of age 25 and below
Size Large – For woman above age 25 or after childbirth

Choose Your Intimus Menstrual Cup Size