FAQs – Frequently Asked Questions

How to ensure that the Intimus Menstrual Cup is expanded completely after the insertion?

You can pull the Intimus Menstrual Cup out easily if it is not expanded completely. If it is totally expanded inside the vagina, you cannot pull down the product. Place the menstrual cup properly to avoid leakage.

How to sterilize the Intimus Menstrual Cup?

Intimus Menstrual Cup™ is made up of Medical Grade Silicone and the material is as consistent as a baby pacifier. You can adopt the sterilization method of a baby pacifier. It is recommended to place the Menstrual cup in the professional sterilizer or boiled water for 5-10 minutes.

Why does it leak or slide down easily?

Please review the STEPS. If you fail to place the cup in a proper position (or) fail to clean the cup often during heavy flow, there is a chance of sliding down or leakage. A horizontally positioned and easily rotational cup indicates you are in a proper fit. As the women vaginal size changes after the childbirth, it is difficult to predetermine the vaginal size. Some women find easy with “L” size instead of “S”, though they never had childbirth. If still there is a leakage with “L” size, the woman shall do Kegel exercise to strengthen the pelvic floor.

How often to replace a menstrual cup?

Silicone is a long-lasting and eco-friendly material. The life span of the product will be stable up to 10 years whenused as per the provided instructions. However, it is an individual’s wish to decide about the replacement.

Is it suitable for virgin?

Using the Intimus Menstrual Cup can affect the hymen membrane which is considered as a symbol of virginity. Some cultures and religions give importance to an intact hymen before marriage, and they may not agree with the use of a menstrual cup. If you do not concern about those issues, you can use the product.

Can the Intimus Menstrual Cup be used for a retroverted uterus?

Many women with retroverted/tilted uterus use the menstrual cup without any problems. Such women may work out with angles while inserting the cup so that the cervix is fully covered and does not cause leaks. After a few tries, you will be accustomed to the exact positioning.

Should I cut the stem of the menstrual cup?

Some women find the stem protrudes from vaginal. It is due to the short vaginal opening/ lower positioned cervix. The long stem would irritate the labia throughout the day. So you can trim the stem as per convenience.

Is the silicone Menstrual cup safe to use?

Yes. The Intimus Menstrual Cup™ is made out of Medical Grade silicone which is hypoallergenic, non-toxic and safe in nature.

Can I use the Intimus Menstrual Cup during menopause?

Menopause may be with light or heavy menstrual flow depends on the person. The Intimus Menstrual Cup is generally used for heavy bleeding and no need to knock down the toilet often. If your flow is less or with spots, you can use the cup without any issues.

Will I feel the presence of the Intimus Menstrual Cup inside my vagina?

You will never feel its presence unless it is placed correctly. You can use the finger gently to adjust the position.

Who can use Intimus Menstrual Cup?

The product suits every female. Every woman deserves to use Intimus Menstrual Cup, which can keep them all over the menstrual cycle free and safe. School Girls, College teens, Working women, Home makers, Sports persons may use the product comfortably. However, if anyone has any gynecological issues, it is better to get advice from the doctor about the usage of this product.

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