How to Use

While many women get used to the product in just a day or two, a few take two cycles to get the knack of it.


Before you remove the cup from the package, wash your hands with clean water. Remove the cup and wash it with water and mild unscented water-based soap. Place it in a pot of water and bring it to boil. The cup should stay in the boiling water for 3-5 minutes. It is preferred to start your first trial with Intimus Cup on a low flow day.


If you are using it for the very first time, you can use a pad or pantyliner to avoid staining and for your confidence. Before you start folding the cup, sit in a comfortable position. Some prefer squatting, sitting or even standing. Fold the cup into a ‘C’ or ‘U’.


As you can see, the mouth of the cup is round in shape. Press the cup on the sides to close the mouth of the cup like sealing a zip-lock bag. Now, bring the two edges of the cup together. The mouth of the cup will be in ‘C’ shape now. Hold the cup with your thumb, index and middle finger without loosening the ‘C’.


Stuff fold

Hold the cup in your right hand. Use your left hand index finger to push on part of the mouth into the in bottom of the cup. Using your right hand grip the folded part of the mouth in its position. You can see ‘Y’ shape on the mouth.


These two are the most commonly used folding methods. The aim is to reduce the circumference of the mouth before inserting it and then releasing it to its original shape to create a vacuum. There are numerous methods of folding and it is up to you to choose the one that suits your body. The vaginal anatomy is not exactly the same for every woman.


After folding, hold the cup in your prominent hand with just thumb finger and index finger. The stem or tail of the cup should be facing your palm and the mouth should be facing you.


Make sure you are in a comfortable position. Your vaginal muscles should be relaxed. Separate the skin covering the vaginal opening with the free hand. Keep the cup in horizontal position and push it gently in. The cup should not go in more than half an inch (approximately 1.3 cm). Some believe that pushing it as much deep as possible will ensure perfect sealing. No, your cup should stand on the end of the vaginal opening. This will ensure easy removal and if the cup is too high in the vaginal canal, it can cause leakage. Cup should not be inserted as deep as a tampon.


Once you insert the cup, remove your fingers from the mouth of the cup and let it regain its original shape. You will hear a mild pop sound. Hold the curved base of the cup (not the stem) and make on full 360-degree rotation in any direction. Just hold and do not pinch the cup. Pinching will remove the vacuum seal. If the cup rotates freely, the mouth has opened to its original size and the seal is perfect. If not, remove the cup and re-insert it.


Wash your hands with mild soap and water. Squat, stand or sit in any comfortable position. Squatting slightly will shorten the vagina and makes removal easier. Now, slowly pull the stem. Aggressive pulling can tear the stem. When the curved edge of the cup is reachable, pinch the cup with your thumb and index finger. The pinching will release the seal.

Hold the position of the cup upright until you remove the cup completely from your canal. The cup might be full, keep that in mind while removing the cup. Empty the content into sink. It is recommended to remove the cup while on a warm shower until you get the knack of removing it. The warm water allows your vaginal muscle to relax. You need not worry about spilling the content while removing. Wash the cup with water. Re-insert it or store it in a dry place. Dry it before you reinsert it. If the cup is too slippery, leakage is possible.

When to remove?

Intimus cup is designed to hold the flow for 12 hours. You need to remove and re-insert twice a day. Initially, you can remove it once in six hours to be confident. The cup can be removed as many times as needed. If you are using for the first time, monitor your flow once in every three hours to understand your flow. Each woman is different and so is her flow.

Cleaning during the cycle

You need not sterilize the cup every day before you use. Wash it with water thoroughly and you can re-insert it. If you are emptying the cup in a place where running water is not available, wipe the cup with tissue (unscented one) and reinsert it. When you find the opportunity, you can remove it and rinse it well with water before reinserting it. After the cycle, sterilize it and store it in appropriate place.

Size Small - For woman of age 25 and below
Size Large – For woman above age 25 or after childbirth

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