There are two sizes available with Intimus cup – Small and Large. Choosing the right size ensures perfect fit and leak-free period. Unfortunately, there is no one perfect way to find the right size for you.

As you can see, the length of the stem is the same for both the size. If you prefer a smaller stem, you can cut the stem with sharp, sterilized scissors.

How to choose the right size?

Those who have experienced vaginal childbirth or those who are above the age of 25 should choose size large. This is the simple chart, which is not perfect. Each woman is different and so is her vaginal anatomy. Here are a few tips to choose the right size.

Body build

Small built women can choose size small while large built women can choose size large.


If you have experienced vaginal childbirth, the size of your vagina will be larger than before. The childbirth would have weakened the tone of your pelvic floor. Thus, choose size large. If you have experienced C-section childbirth, choose the size based on your body built and age.


As stated before those younger than 30 can choose, size small. As women age, the strength of the pelvic floor muscle loses its elasticity. This elasticity is an important factor that holds the cup in its position.  Less elastic muscles require larger diameter cup to provide the perfect grip.

Moreover, if you have any disorder related to pelvic floor like week pelvic floor, incontinence and others, choose size small. If you are regularly practicing Kegelexercise, yoga, dance, Pilates and others, you can choose size small with no regards to your childbirth history or age.


If you are a virgin, stick with size small to avoid damage to your hymen. If you want to learn more about hymen and menstrual cup usage, talk to your doctor before usage.


Those with heavy flow prefer size large and those experiencing mild flow choose size small. Even the heaviest flow of the day can be contained in the size small, as the flow per day will be around 15 ml per day. Flow has nothing to do with the activeness of the person. Very active and fit women tend to have stronger pelvic muscles.


If you have a low-sitting cervix, it is better to go for size small.


If you have a very sensitive bladder, it is better to choose size small.

Vaginal anatomy

Some small built women less than 30 years of age have larger vaginal canal. Size large suits such women. Women with shorter vaginal canal can stick with size small.

Size Small - For woman of age 25 and below
Size Large – For woman above age 25 or after childbirth

Choose Your Intimus Menstrual Cup Size